Benefits of Residential Fire Sprinklers

Most families understand the importance of fire alarms placed throughout the home. In case of fire or smoke, the alarm goes off and alerts the people in the house. You need to have that, but you can protect your family even further with residential fire sprinklers. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a residential fire sprinkler system.

Preventing Damage & Saving Lives

When a 911 call goes into the local fire department, it can take up to 12 minutes or more for them to arrive. By this time, the fire has started to spread rapidly. The high-pressure hoses they use do put out the fire but can also damage the home. With a fire sprinkler system:

·The sprinkler nearest the fire is activated

·Water is immediately dispursed containing or extinguishing the fire

·Nearby rooms are protected from fire damage

·The family has time to get out safely

Without a Fire Sprinkler System

In homes without fire sprinkler systems, the flames quickly grow and spread throughout the home. Toxic gases, soot, and heat spread to other areas. The fire turns deadly in under five minutes. Combustible materials can burst into flame.

Protect Your Home & Family

With a home fire sprinkler, the average loss is just over $2,000, while the loss averages over $45,000 without a sprinkler system. Residential fire sprinklers save money, homes, and lives. Get one installed today.