Commercial Fire Protection & Sprinkler System


Ensuring that every commercial building has a working fire sprinkler system is crucial for safeguarding the lives and property of those who are inside.

Types of Commercial Fire Sprinklers?

Wet Pipe: This is the most common type of sprinkler system, and fights fire by flooding it with water under pressure. The water is released from the pipes by the sprinkler system once it detects fire.

Dry Pipe: The dry pipe sprinkler system is used in areas subject to freezing such as a parking garage or freezer. The pipes are filled with compressed air until the glass bulb in the sprinkler is broken by heat. Once broken, water filles the pipes and extinguishes the blaze, or keeps it under control until the fire department arrives.

Pre-Action: Pre-action systems are not activated unless two forms of detection are initiated. Much like dry pipe systems, there is no water in the pipe until activation. These systems are installed with pre-action valves, sprinklers, and secondary detection devices such as photo-electric or heat detection devices. They are used in locations with sensitive materials to prevent false activation, leading to property damage.

Foam Water: In some commercial locations where flammable substances are stored, used, or produced, ordinary water may not be effective for battling fire outbreaks. Upon activation, foam concentrate mixes through a proportioning device with water to create a blanket of foam over the area of activation.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler

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