Fire Sprinkler Remediation System


A fire sprinkler system is essential for keeping your property safe. Installing these systems is proven to extinguish, control, and limit the fire damage, especially before firefighters arrive. This system is your building’s self-defense system.

The fire remediation process prevents rust, decay, and other forms of damage from interfering with the fire protection system. This keeps the system in working order so it can perform its job when the need arises.

At Fire Sprinklers Incorporated, we are a team of experienced and professional fire sprinkler system remediation experts. We offer a wide range of services for keeping your fire protection system in excellent form. Our remediation process is sure to resolve anything that could prevent your system from functioning.

In conjunction with our inspections department, we can work with customers to remediate problems before they happen to avoid damage caused by MIC (Microbiology Influenced Corrosion), aging pipe, the elements, or anything else that may cause unwanted activation of the fire sprinkler system. Ask anybody who has had a sprinkler pipe burst due to lack of maintenance, and they will tell you that remediation is far cheaper than letting the system go un-maintained.

Fire Sprinkler Remediation