Pierce County Fire Sprinkler Systems

Are you building or remodeling a home in Pierce County Washington that requires a residential fire protection system? NFPA 13D fire sprinkler systems are becoming required by the local authorities and Fire Sprinklers Incorporated is the premier pierce county fire sprinkler contractor in the Puget Sound area.

Many people don’t like the idea of having sprinkler systems in their home as they see them as unappealing. We in the industry know that they are vital to protecting the lives of the residents inside of the home incase a fire were to break out. Activation of the fire sprinkler system allows loved ones time to get out unharmed.

Not all sprinkler systems are unattractive, and innovations in fire sprinkler technology now make sprinklers better looking than ever. Concealed sprinkler head cover plates are available in many factory finishes such as wood grain, matte, black, bronze, and white to name a few. If factory finishes aren’t your thing, cover plates can be custom painted to meet the specifications of your project.

Cover Plates
Sprinkler cover plates

The sprinkler systems that we install meet the most current NFPA 13D requirements, along with the local authority requirements. Typically all that is needed is an outlet that is left by the plumbing contractor for us to connect to. If the water pressure is not great in your area, we can install a residential pump and tank to boost the pressure in order to meet the required demand of the system.

Weather your project requires a full NFPA 13 D system, or a single sprinkler near the cooking stove, we have installed countless fire sprinkler systems in homes ranging from highly custom, to track homes, and have served thousands of happy customers over the years. If you are looking for a pierce county fire sprinkler contractor, call today for a free estimate.

To see a complete list of our services visit https://www.firesprinklersinc.com/residential/ or give us a call at 253-826-0099 and receive a free consultation today.

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